About Aspire Sports Coaching

Aspire is a Sports Coaching business which is unique in being able to offer many sports (multi-skills, football, tag rugby, kids fitness sessions, athletics, cheerleading, dance(all types of dance) dodge ball, handball and boccia (Disability Sport) ) to every child in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire, enabling each school and parent to have one contact for all.

Because we can offer a diverse range of courses, we provide a better fit to the right sport for each school, each teacher and each pupil. Not only are we able to provide a simplified PPA, lunchtime and extra-curricular club solutions for schools, we will also be able to help each child improve in many different aspects i.e. socially, technically and physically.

Our aim is to develop a P.E environment in school where children gain a skilful use of the body, enhancing motor skills, basic game and movement concepts as well basic tactical knowledge of the sport.